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  • Diesel Knuckle Busters: Navigating the Storm – The Big Shifts Rocking the Freight World!

Diesel Knuckle Busters: Navigating the Storm – The Big Shifts Rocking the Freight World!

As the ghosts 'n ghouls rev up for Halloween, we're here to crack open the crypt on the eerie shifts rocking our freight world in this spine-tingling edition of our newsletter! But fret not, with our wrenches in hand and a few cobwebs in our hair, there's no spooky shift we can't tackle.

This week, we're diving into the haunting happenings within the freight realm, all while chuckling at the clanking chains of change. As we exorcise the engine gremlins and ward off the ghostly glitches, we continue to fuel the furnace of camaraderie that keeps our Diesel Knuckle Busters community steaming ahead.

So grab your garlic (wrenches), ward off the werewolves (rust), and let's drive full-throttle into the eerie unknown together! A hauntingly happy Halloween to all, and here's to many frightfully fun adventures under the ghostly glow of the garage lights!


Intermodal Gains and Trucking Losses: Intermodal transportation, which involves moving freight using two or more modes of transport, has seen a significant boost recently. This shift is attributed to the rising costs and challenges facing the trucking industry, such as driver shortages and increased fuel prices, which have driven shippers to explore alternative methods of transportation like rail. This shift is causing a loss for the trucking sector as intermodal gains are coming at the expense of truckload volumes.

ArcBest's Prudent Approach to Freight Opportunities: ArcBest, a freight and logistics service provider, is treading cautiously when it comes to exploring new freight opportunities. The company's cautious approach aims to ensure sustainable growth and avoid overextending its resources amidst the fluctuating freight market conditions. The overarching goal is to maintain a balance between seizing new opportunities and sustaining operational efficiencies.

Mack Trucks' Standoff with Striking UAW: Mack Trucks has been in a standoff with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union over new economic demands. Talks resumed amidst an 11-day-old strike involving 3,900 workers across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Florida. Mack Trucks expressed its unwillingness to jeopardize the company to meet the new demands, terming them as unrealistic. The strike began on October 8 at six Volvo Group facilities and has been a point of contention between the company and the union.

Cummins, Terex, Edge Materials, and PCC Hydrogen Collaboration: • Cummins Inc. has partnered with Terex Advance Mixer Inc., Edge Materials LLC, and PCC Hydrogen Inc., aiming to develop a hydrogen-fueled concrete mixer. The collaboration will integrate Cummins X15H hydrogen internal combustion engine into Terex Advance's Commander Series of front-discharge concrete mixer trucks. This project represents a significant step towards decarbonizing the heavy-duty sector while retaining operational efficiencies.

ARB's New Emission Standards Affecting Diesel Engine Manufacturers: The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has set forth stringent regulations aiming to phase out medium and heavy-duty combustion trucks by 2036, pushing towards 100% zero-emission vehicles on California roads by 2045. This regulation, known as Advanced Clean Fleets, imposes transition timelines for different types of vehicles like drayage trucks, garbage trucks, etc., to transition to zero-emissions. This move follows California's broader goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting public health, which will have a significant impact on diesel engine manufacturers as they are required to align with these new standards.


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