Diesel Digest: Advocacy, Strikes & Fuel Prices | Oct 16-20

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UAW Strike Continues: The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike has stretched into its fifth week, with negotiations with Detroit's Big Three Automakers remaining unresolved. The ongoing strike underscores the critical discussions surrounding labor relations and its financial impact on the automotive industry. This situation also brings to light the importance of robust dialogue between labor unions and automakers to ensure a balanced resolution for all stakeholders involved.

DOJ's Suit Against eBay on 'Rolling Coal' Devices: In a significant move, the Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against eBay for the sale of 'rolling coal' devices, which are known for modifying diesel engines to produce large amounts of black smoke. The lawsuit could result in fines up to $2 billion. This development underscores the growing scrutiny on emissions and environmental compliance in the automotive sector, particularly impacting the diesel community.

Texas Trucking Turmoil: The halt on truck safety inspections by the Texas Department of Public Safety has caused a significant stir. An astounding 19,000 trucks were stranded at the Mexican border, impacting trade to the tune of $1.9 billion. The cessation was a response to a migrant surge and was also aimed at deterring cartel activity across Texas. While inspections have ceased, restoring normalcy in cross-border traffic may take a while. The extensive delays disrupted commercial trade flows significantly, underscoring the broader implications such policies can have on the trucking industry.

Convoy Shuts Down After Failing to Find Buyer: Digital freight network Convoy Inc. was forced to shut its doors after no viable options to continue operations emerged, CEO Dan Lewis said in an Oct. 19 memo to employees. Lewis cited a freight recession and a contraction in the capital markets as contributing to the closure. He noted these trends compounded company efforts to find viable strategic options, while also crushing the chances for a potential logical strategic buyer. Lewis described it as a perfect storm.


The first week of October saw stable diesel fuel prices, hitting $4.59 as of October 3, 2023, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Unfortunately, diesel prices are on the rise once again. This is disappointing news after the last week of September saw a slight price decrease following 10 consecutive weeks of price increases starting in mid-July.

Average diesel prices as of October 2, by region, are:

East Coast: $4.54

Midwest: $4.45

Gulf Coast: $4.28

Rocky Mountain: $4.78

West Coast: $5.70

3 Most Expensive States to Buy Diesel

California: $6.455

Hawaii: $5.790

Washington: $5.674


Women in Trucking Partnership with Walmart: Walmart's renewed Gold Level Partnership with the Women In Trucking Association for the fourteenth year is a testament to the retail giant's commitment to promoting gender diversity within the transportation sector. This partnership aims to create more opportunities for women, fostering a more inclusive and diverse industry landscape.


Work Truck Week 2024: The much-anticipated Work Truck Week 2024 is on the horizon, promising many technical sessions, myth-busting discussions, and networking opportunities for diesel mechanics and industry professionals. This event is a valuable platform for learning, networking, and staying updated on the latest trends and technologies in the truck service and maintenance sector.

March 5th - 8th | Indiana Convention Center | Indianapolis, IN


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